5 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Wear

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Your body goes through a lot of changes during and even after your pregnancy. A few years back, women had to settle for baggy, ill-fitted clothing which nothing to make them happy in their bodies. Thankfully, today we have entire aisles dedicated to maternity clothing. 

Unfortunately, these seemingly stretchy clothing are made of non-breathable synthetic materials. Studies have found that synthetic dyes used in clothing have traces of phthalates which impacts the reproduction system. Traces of highly toxic heavy metals and cancerous formaldehyde in dyes make maternity clothing from fast fashion brands a complete no. Especially, during pregnancy or if you are a lactating mother.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing maternity clothing

  1. Material 

Yeah, stretchy synthetic fabric might seem like a convenient option to accommodate your growing body. Polyester fabric is essentially plastic has been shown to emit phytoestrogens which disrupts the body’s hormonal balance. Pregnancy, when your hormones are already raging a war against you, is the worst time to rock your polyester clothing.  

The hormonal changes during your pregnancy also make your skin prone to sensitivity which is aggravated by non-breathable synthetic fabrics like nylon. It traps perspiration causing discomfort, foul body odor, and rashes. 

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Always. ALWAYS. Choose breathable cotton when it comes to maternity clothing. Cotton has a natural moisture-wicking property that absorbs sweat readily. Being hypoallergenic, cotton is the perfect choice to keep your sensitive pregnancy skin calm. 

  1. Colors 

Colors play a significant role in enhancing your mood. Soothing shades of soft blue have been proven clinically to calm the heart rate and lower blood sugar. Pink on the other hand has an energizing effect on your mind. It is a great color for days you feel lazy. 

At Kessa, we make sure to use high-quality natural pigments that impart long-lasting vibrant color without posing any risk to you and your baby’s health. 

Make sure you use gentle non-toxic detergent to wash your maternity clothes to maintain their color and safety. 

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  1. Intelligent Designing 

All our maternity sets feature high-quality zippers which makes it super-easy for mommies to feed their little munchkin. The pants have high-quality elasticated drawstrings. They hold up your trousers snugly without being harsh on your skin. 

  1. Relaxed Fit 

The last thing you want is uncomfortably snug clothing encasing your body tightly during your pregnancy. So, always opt for maternity sets with a relaxed fit. It should strike a balance between being roomy enough to keep you comfortable while not being baggy. Maternity sets take some skilled tailoring and time to reach the perfect fit. 

At Kessa, we are blessed with some of the best tailor masters of the country who make it possible for us to deliver you fantastic fits in maternity wear. 

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  1. Style 

Modern mommies are not settling for frumpy boring maternity wear! Opt for a set that is stylish enough to be worn outside of your home too with equal élan. Look for interesting prints and patterns. Smart pockets. Cool collars that can add to your look. 

Visit www.kessa.com to explore some of the prettiest maternity sets that promise comfort and style at the same time. 

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