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Explore our Exquisite Collection of Women’s Silver Jewelry, Adding Sophistication and Radiance to Your Style!

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Explore our Exquisite Collection of Women’s Silver Jewelry, Adding Sophistication and Radiance to Your Style!

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How to wear silver jewellery? The rules for a stylish combination!

Silver is undoubtedly the second most popular metal after gold. It is often used to create frames for the most beautiful and noble stones: sapphires, rubies, emeralds. It provides a matte, unobstructed background that glorifies as well as emphasizes the play of facets of precious stones and their color depths. In addition, silver itself is mystical metal with really unique properties.

Buying silver jewelry online provides an excellent opportunity to please yourself. It allows you to choose from a sea of options, focusing on the manufacturers and looking at the image to the minute detail. In contrast, some women spontaneously decide to buy stylish jewelry for them. Whichever option suits you, in the kessa store, you will always find models for every taste and budget.

Types of silver jewelry

925 sterling silver keeps the crown as one of the most reliable, immaculate white, and durable materials for making jewelry. This category of silver is pretty popular in Turkish jewelry, Kazakh jewelry, and, of course, in traditional Indian style. Jewelry made from sterling silver always looks classy, neat, aesthetically pleasing, and original.

The silver surface is processed in different ways that provides its distinctive looks:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • shining.

Silver pairs well with precious stones such as moon stones, pearls, emeralds, diamonds, amethyst, mother-of-pearl, etc.

How to rock silver jewelry:

  • Silver jewelry pairs well with all kinds of wardrobe, be it an elegant suit or business dress, as well as with a youth top and jeans.
  • You must avoid wearing silver and gold jewelry together. It signifies a lack of taste, especially if the chain is silver and the pendant is made of gold, and vice versa.
  • You are free to wear various silver jewelry pieces at once, and it will not look as vulgar as an abundance of gold around the neck looks.

Who is the noble metal suitable for?

If you wear a piece of silver jewelry and begin to feel worse, take it off, it's not meant for you. Likewise, people who have suffered a severe illness or experienced deep stress should also abandon this metal. Silver is a noble metal and does not like envious, egoists, skeptics, hypertensive, and irritated people.

This precious metal is best suited for people with a positive attitude and those born under Pisces and Cancers zodiac sign. In addition, it also has the power to calm very emotional people. It is believed that silver products are best suited for young women, both in terms of price and style.

How to care for silver jewelry

  1. If your silver earrings or anklet begins to turn greenish, you should prepare a soapy solution, soak the jewelry in it for 15-20 minutes and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  2. Rubbing a raw potato can clean the tarnish and bring back the original shine.
  3. Prepare a solution with a liter of water as well as one tablespoon of ammonia, and soak the jewelry. They will shine in a new way.
  4. If your silver jewelry has completely lost its shine, you can rub it thoroughly with toothpaste, then rinse well with water and wipe dry.

Suppose any of the above methods don't work to your satisfaction level, and you are afraid of damaging your jewelry with home remedies. In that case, you can buy special solutions for cleaning silver from jewelry stores.

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