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Sleep in Serenity: Discover our Single Bed Dohar Collection, Providing Cozy Comfort and Tranquil Rest for Your Personal Retreat!

Sleep in Serenity: Discover our Single Bed Dohar Collection, Providing Cozy Comfort and Tranquil Rest for Your Personal Retreat!

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Reviving the Comfort with Dohar

Most people are likely to cover them even in summers. Dohar is used in households during lightly cold days. When you need a blanket but little more than just a cotton sheet, dohars fulfills the needs. Dohar is basically sleek bedding made with cotton padding filled between the two stitched cotton sheets. It is slightly raised and provides additional warmth. These traditional 3 layered sheets are airy and ultra-breathable. Dohars have been in use for a decade now and the city Jaipur holds the credit for it. Originating from the territories of Rajasthan, dohar depicts royalty. Now, these have established their reach and are adorned worldwide.

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Things to consider for a suitable dohar:

  1. Cottony Softness - We have tailored the dohars with mulmul cotton. This type of cotton is suitable for harsh summers. To equilibrate the AC temperature in the room, dohar is a great option. Being super breathable and lightweight, it gives a feather touch experience. The cotton quilts keep you dry and clean as it serves as a good absorbent. For ultimate hygiene, these are washed frequently. With repeated washing, the quilts get soft and durable.
  2. Charming Colors - Known for providing excellence and quality products, Kessa spoils you for choices. We have a colossal collection of colorful quilts. These are pigmented with natural dyes and the shade stays intact as long as it's not mistreated. Colors transform the appeal of your room. It creates liveliness and zesty vibes within your comfort boundaries. The vibrancy of the colors enhances your mood and gives an aesthetic effect to your home setting.
  3. Size - For maintaining a uniform temperature, the quilts must be of standard size to cover you comfortably. We have all sizes for keeping you at ease. Our woven quilts perfectly layer up your single and double beds. With accurate sizing, they provide luxurious comfort. Explore our exclusive range of single bed cotton dohar and pick out a preferable dohar for you.
  4. Perky Prints - Straight from the roots of Indian culture, we hold pride for the hand block prints. Being a renowned brand, Kessa gives you a lowdown on the admired art forms from different regions of India. Designers have given the Ajrakh, Bagru, paisley motif, and other prints to dohars that portray symbolic traditional legacy. With the modernization and changing trends, these look appealing in your room.

Tips to Take Care of Dohars:

  1. Dohar is woven with a delicate fabric. Before washing, make sure there are no loose threads. This might distort the whole make-up of the AC blankets.
  2. Use suitable detergents to clean the light blankets. Either hand washing or in a machine, treat them softly.
  3. Avoid drying them under the shade, it might cause shrinkage to the fabric. Expose it to the sun and lay it flat.
  4. To store it nicely, reserve a space with less humidity and normal temperature. Layer the single cotton dohar online with another clean cloth for extra protection.
  5. Avoid using plastic or cardboard for storage. You have an option to place them in the cotton bags as well.
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