Elevate Your Safety and Style: Explore our Mask Collection for Women, Combining Fashion and Protection for the Modern Woman!

Elevate Your Safety and Style: Explore our Mask Collection for Women, Combining Fashion and Protection for the Modern Woman!

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The masking revolution made trendy

Ever since the outbreak of this deadly pandemic, WHO has been stressing upon the need to use masks and maintain social distance. This, coupled with the constant use of sanitizers, is supposedly the most effective way to deal with COVID. 

Keeping the Government and WHO guidelines in mind, Kessa has designed super cute masks that solve your entire purpose. Now you might think that what could be so special about a mask? Come have a look at what distinguishes our masks from other brands!

Protected by 3 distinctive layers

Adhering to all the safety guidelines outlined by WHO, the three layers of this mask provide you with extra protection. These increased number of layers are made so that the aerosol transmission of virus from an infected person to a healthy one gets prevented. 

The innermost layer of the mask is made up of a super soft cotton fabric. This fabric is also highly absorbent so as to restrict the infected droplets from escaping easily. Cotton is highly breathable and also hypoallergenic which makes it comfortable to wear for people with even the most sensitive skin.

The middle layer of the mask is made up of a material called non-woven polypropylene. It has been proven by multiple studies that this material restricts as much as 95% of the airborne diseases because of its capacity to hold electrostatic charge.

The final layer of the mask is also absorbent cotton.

Beautiful hand block prints available

There has been a huge shift in the pattern on purchasing masks online from last year to the current year. Masks are no more seen as just a piece of boring medical contraption. People now see them as a colour-blocked or colour co-ordinated style statement.

Keeping the buyers’ changed preferences in mind, Kessa has designed its masks to serve as a stylish accessory as well. We put in extra efforts to showcase the exquisite hand block prints on our masks. This gives the masks an aesthetic appeal and also gives an ode to the age-old charm of the Indian craft. 

For women wanting to wear matching or contrasting masks with their outfits, Kessa is the brand to stop by for purchasing masks online! This will make them stand out in the crowd alongside giving them a triple layer protection.


A massive problem with the increased use of disposable masks is the increase in the amount of waste generated. The surgical masks are not only medically hazardous but they are also non-biodegradable. 

At Kessa, we have this issue resolved. We provide you with masks that you can wash multiple times and reuse. It is still advisable to carry extra masks with yourself for a better hygiene.

High coverage

Our masks are tailor made in a way that they cover the nose, mouth and chin - exactly how the WHO expects it to be worn. The elastic loops used are also durable and of high quality. We have crafted these masks in a manner that the chances of transmission of any infected droplets get minimized.

Keeping in mind the soft skin of women especially, these elastic loops are very gentle on the skin. They do not cause any kind of itching or irritation even when worn for long hours. 

Now that you are familiar with all the additional benefits that Kessa has to offer, online purchase of masks for women is simplified. It is only at Kessa that he masking revolution is made trendy for a better today and tomorrow.

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