Get Complete Solutions for A Sustainable Home with Kessa Block Print Collection

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Block printing is an ancient art form that belongs to Rajasthan. Block printing is done by using carved pieces of wood and wooden blocks to print an image on the fabric. The process is popularly used for making lovely designs on fabrics. Block printing is an age-old art form that has been now revived by many designers, and hence it is slowly becoming a part of the contemporary lifestyle.

We can see block prints prevalent not only in clothing but also in the home collection, such as bed covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, quilts, towels, table mats, and much more.

Kessa Redefining Home Collection with Block Print

If you are looking for a block print bed quilt onlineKessa Wear is the perfect destination for you. We at Kessa strive to revive the ancient art form, and hence every fashion solution from Kessa is an amalgamation of traditional with contemporary. Not just fashion apparel and accessories, Kessa is transforming home décor as well in block prints.

The block prints are lovely designs that are created in various types of fabrics using vibrant colours. The block prints are a sight to behold. If you have a simple bedroom with plain walls and minimal décor, the block print bed sheets and quilts can break the monotony and add charm to your bedroom. The block print AC quilts from Kessa not only keep you warm but are also visually appealing.

Block Print Is Slow Fashion

Kessa home collection is versatile and meets all your needs. You can also opt for matching bed sheets and quilts for a complete set. The home collection also consists of stunning block print table mats that look superb with your contemporary décor. Block prints are here to stay for long. They are not just another fashion trend or fad. Block prints are the new way of sustainable living. Block prints use all things natural, which leaves no or minimal carbon footprints. Also, these pieces last for a long which makes them worth the investment.

More and more people are moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. We are facing several environmental issues owing to our reckless actions of ours. And now it is our responsibility to preserve our environment and make it a better place to live not only for us but also for the coming generations. We need to take several small steps towards sustainable living to gradually make a drastic change.

Why choose sustainable?

  • Sustainable home collection is free of chemicals which make it safe for you as well as the environment.
  • Choosing sustainable items gives mental satisfaction of contributing your bit to the environment.
  • When you choose sustainable products, you promote and encourage sustainable businesses.
  • Sustainable fashion is also synonymous with ethical fashion.
  • And not to forget, you are making the world a better place to live.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, start with your home collection. For bed sheets online shopping in block prints, explore Kessa and find some of the amazing pieces for a sustainable home décor collection.

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