Home Decor Tips for Diwali Celebrations

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With the market all abuzz, the surrounding is immersed in the cascading fragrance of sweets, happiness, and auspicious vibes. With a knock on the Indian households, it’s time to spruce up your homes with lights and scintillating elements. Being a festival of lights, Diwali is a classic excuse to come close to your family and friends.

Marked by different historical events as per Hindu mythology, Diwali is the triumph of light over darkness. This is one of the festivals when everything looks bright and colorful. Lighting up the homes with lights and diyas lets you rejoice and parry the negativity.

If you are wondering about home decor ideas, Kessa is here with a guide to light up your home and face with exquisite elements.

Raise your decoration game up a notch with our home decor tips.

  1. Cleaning

Busy wiping off the cobwebs? Well, cleaning our home is the priority before Diwali. On this auspicious day, it is believed that Goddess Laxmi graces our homes with her presence and showers blessings. Welcoming her in a clumsy and scruffy place feels discourteous.

Begin with decluttering your least favorite corners in your home. Bonus: It would be clean for weeks to come. You can make the most of this time to get rid of unwanted things that draw pessimistic vibes and negativity.

To lounge around in comfort during Diwali cleaning, you can pick our quirky shorts and jammies. Gear up for Diwali celebrations with comfort and elegance.

  1. Floral decor

Floral decoration imparts the most auspicious and soothing feel while amplifying the home’s aesthetic. Flowers enhance the charm of aesthetic backdrops while imparting a traditional flair to your space. Mostly, Marigold and Rose petals are used to adorn interior and entry settings. Floral arrangements are more welcoming for your family and friends.

bed sheets

For a heavenly match of festivity and appealing decor, cover your pillows with our exquisite shams. With vibrant and charming hues, pillow shams contrast with the festive settings in your home.

  1. Light

Spruce up your home by adorning with shimmering lights. The glow of traditional earthen diyas completes the festivity charm for Hindus. Adorning home with fancy lights and aromatic candles creates a sparklingly soothing atmosphere. Mix and match cottony soft dresses to brighten up the ambience. Wear an effortless look with a classic and elegant outfit on this cheerful occasion.

Table Runner

To fill and illuminate your home with liveliness, use lanterns and lamps and create an ethnic touch.

  1. Rangolis

Rangolis are a depiction of Indian folk art. Reliving the artistic charm, you can experiment with quirky designs and patterns for entrance decor. Like rangolis, the colorful table runners have intricate designs that look alluring and amplify the glory of festivals.

The sophisticated and appealing hand block prints of table runners beautifully adorn your home settings. Compliment the rangoli decor with charming table runners that look ravishing.

  1. Windchimes

Prettify your home decor with tinkling wind chimes. To add spark to the festivity, enhance your traditional attire with our lustrous pieces of german silver jewelry. The clanking of the jewelry feels fascinating.

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This Diwali, let’s brighten up the lives of people around us and enjoy a safe and prosperous festivity.

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