Revival of Kalamkari Art Form by Bollywood Celebrities

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You must have heard of the Kalamkari art form. Though it has its roots in ancient India, yet it has been in vogue in recent years. Thanks to the Bollywood celebrities who have been flaunting gorgeous kalamkari outfits in various occasions and appearances. They are a true blend of beauty with elegance and class.

Perhaps that’s the reason it has been a top favourite of fashion Divas like Deepika Padukone and ravishing Rekha. Kalamkari is a versatile artwork which can be a heritage saree, a dress, tunic, or churidar. Kalamkari is a reflection of pure handloom work and suitable for every occasion.

Kalamkari doesn’t need an introduction, but for the uninitiated, it had its humble beginning and origin in theatres. Kalamkari became popular during the Mughal era. They used to call the artists ‘Qalamkars’ and hence the art form is being identified as Kalamkari. Andhra Pradesh was the hub for this intricately beautiful art form wherein the skills were passed on from one generation to another. The art form is made using tamarind twigs as pens and vegetable-based dyes for sketching motifs in earthy colours such as green, black, rust, indigo, and mustard.

During 20th century, the art form had almost lost its charm, but almost two decades ago, fashion designers took the onus of reviving the art form. Their experimentation with handloom, especially Kalamkari brought this ancient art form to the forefront. Famous designers such as Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla, and Gaurang Shah had been working with Kalamkari a lot in their designer outfits. In fact, there are runway collections at fashion weeks exclusively for Kalamkari art form.

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