Summer Closet: Things To Consider While Buying Clothes For Summer

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The sensational Indian summers are knocking at the door! The tropical summer weather in the country is characterized by super-sunny and hot days with sultry humidity to top it all. However, the weather doesn’t dampen the infectious spirit of the people. Men, women, and children deck up for work, school, or chores and brave the heat like champions. 

However, if you want to stay uber-comfortable and stylish at the same time while conquering the Indian summer heat, then here are some things you must consider while shopping for your summer wardrobe. 

  1. Material 

Nothing comes close to the comfort, lightweight feel, and breathability of soft cotton fabric. The natural fabric has natural moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry even when the air is at its humid best. 100% cotton weave has high porosity which makes it easy for air to flow through the fabric and body heat to escape. So, when it comes to keeping you cool even in the scorching heat of summer, cotton does the best job. Cotton is also hypoallergenic making it perfect for the sensitive skin of babies and kids.

For those of you who are going to spend the majority of your day sitting in air-conditioned cubicles, the lightweight cotton fabric might not be enough to protect you from midday chills. Go for cotton dobby weave as it is thicker than the usual cotton weave. It not only has a luxe texture to it but also feels super-comfortable in air-conditioned spaces. 

However, for those of you who want a fabric that feels like woven air on your body, mulmul is your best bet. Once revered by royalty, today you can find this famed fabric in Kessa’s expansive collection of men’s shirts and women’s kurtas, kurtis, and dresses. 

  1. Sustainable outfits 

As the wave of sustainability and conscious fashion takes over international runways, we can’t help but reminisce India’s rich history with sustainable fashion that can be traced back to the era of Harappan civilization. 

Vedic scriptures perpetuated the idea that the mind and body harmonize with the surrounding environment which made thoughtful fashion choices a norm. Be it crafts like Kantha that focused on reusability or our focus on creating natural textiles, India has been a silent torchbearer of sustainability. 

Let’s connect back to our roots and choose sustainable clothing this season. And, make it more than just a fleeting trend. 

Clothes are considered sustainable when – 

  • They are tailored out of durable, eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, silk, and voil. 
  • They are printed with organic dyes like we have been practicing with our traditional block prints for ages. 
  • Animals are not harmed at any stage of creation. 
  • They come from brands like Kessa who practice fair trade. 
  1. Local for Vocal 

The Indian textile and apparel industry contributed only 2.3% to the country’s GDP but a colossal 12% to export earnings. The astonishing figures beg the question – “Are we ignoring our rich textile and fashion culture while the west continues to profit from it?” 

This summer, it is time to be vocal for local! Skip the restrictive, polyester junk and invest in flowy and graceful clothing that celebrates the rich heritage of India through traditional prints, colors, silhouettes, and styles. 

Wondering where to shop for a summer wardrobe that is stylish, sustainable, local, and affordable at the same time? Well, time to check out our expansive collection at

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